21st Birthday Reflections (July 21, 2016)

Peace Everyone!

I was born and raised here in Detroit and I’m currently a senior at U of Michigan. I’m an artist, I love writing songs and poetry and I love to draw, paint and do handcrafts. I’m an activist and server of my community. I’m a witch, deeply rooted into my craft. I’m a hippie, open and free-spirited. I’m an indigo, an empath, a being of light. I’m a Cancer (July 21st), daughter of Yemoja 🐬🐠🐚💦, a life path number 7, and a twin flame (3/13/16 👫❤️). I am so many things but most importantly I’m a goddess, a sacred wombman on a journey to becoming the greatest version of herself. I evolve daily, and with each waking moment I’m uncovering and discovering new insight about who I am, who I was, and who I can become. This is why I am so geeked to be participating in this 3-month healing program and sharing this experience with wombmen who are sincere and adamant about growing. To my si-stars, I wish each and everyone of you the best of luck in your journeys. Tomorrow I’m turning 21 (7×3) and will be opening a new chapter of this book I call life. The Sacred Woman healing program with Mistress Mehmuna Melchizedek starts officially on August 1st so if interested hit her up! With that being said, let the healing process begin! 😊❤️


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Calibakers #BlackOwnedBusiness


Peace Starseeds!

A couple months ago, I was scrolling through my Instagram and I stumbled across the page of this amazing store called Calibakers. Calibakers is a fairly new clothing store that was founded in 2012. Not only is it Black owned but its clothing centers around Black empowerment, unity, and embracing our African heritage. Here are some more pictures of their products below:

image3        image2

We talk so much about Black pride and #BlackLivesMatters but talking is enough. We need to support OUR own on every level and that includes through finance. Idk about you all but I have eyes set on that beautiful Empress Makeda shirt ❤ If interested in purchasing or viewing more of their products you can head over to their website at Calibakers.com #BlackOwnedBusiness #SupportOurOwn

~Peace & Love,

Serpentine Diva

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Blood Moon in Aries (The Ram) Sept. 27th, 2015


Peace Starseeds!

As some of you may already know, a Blood Moon will approaching us next Sunday! A Blood Moon is a lunar eclipse that is part of a series of lunar eclipses, called a tetrad, that happen in 6-month intervals. The moon is the closest celestial body to our planet Earth. It impacts our weather, tides, and our emotions. The moon is connected to divine feminine energy as the sun is connected to the divine masculine. The moon cycle is actually connected to a woman’s menstrual cycle. Just as there are 13 moons in a year, a woman has 13 menstrual cycles. In fact, the word “month” actually means moon. (We’ll get into why there’s only 12 months on our calendars on another day.) A moon cycle and a woman’s menstrual cycle both last 28 days. Blood Moons only occur during full moons. Full moons mark the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new one so often we use the time of the full moon to reflect, recharge and embrace new beginnings.

This coming Blood Moon will occur in Aries. Aries is the first house of the zodiac and also marks the shift into the spring season. Think new beginnings and rebirth. Even the symbol for Aries, the ram, is symbolic of rebirth, horns have always been a common symbol for fertility throughout various cultures. Aries is one of 3 signs within the element of fire. Its quality is cardinal. People born under signs with the cardinal quality are initiators. The Aries as well as other cardinal signs are very ambitious and are quick to spark new projects, movements, relationships, etc. again that theme of new beginnings. The ruling planet of Aries is Mars which kindles a highly energetic warrior spirit. In numerology, Aries is associated with the number 1, so again new beginnings. The color associated with Aries is red which is also the color associated with what is known as the Root or Base chakra. The Root/Base chakra is the 1st out of 7 main chakras and is located at the base of your spine around your adrenal glands. The Root/Base governs your basic instincts, hormones, emotions and helps you to build a deep connection between your body, your environment, and Mother Earth.

Foods That Enhance The Root Chakra:

  • Any red or dark brown colored food or drink.
  • Any foods that have an earthy taste or a “grounding” quality.
  • Root Vegetables: Carrots, potatoes, turnips, parsnips, radishes, beets, onions, garlic, etc.
  • Protein-rich Foods: Eggs, lean meats, beans/legumes, nuts, nut butters.
  • Herbs & Spices: Burdock, Cloves/clover, Dandelion, Rosemary, horseradish, hot paprika, chives, cayenne pepper.

(Food List Courtesy of Natural Chakra Healing)

Crystals That Enhance The Root Chakra

  • Red Jasper
  • Red Adverturine
  • Black Obsidian

(I’m getting my crystals this week, I’m so geeked!!! :-D)

It is very important for us, especially as women, to stay in tune with nature and to take advantage of the energy that will be bestowed upon us come next Sunday’s Blood Moon. The key themes for this week are ambition, letting go and staying grounded. We should take this time to reflect, let go of the ego and negative emotions that may be limiting us, and to set new goals for ourselves. Let’s also celebrate the harvest and fall equinox as we aspire to reach our fullest potentials, becoming the greatest versions of ourselves 🙂

~Peace & Love,

Serpentine Diva

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My 20th BEarth Day!!! :-)

Happy Solar Return to me. 20 Earth years and counting. Another year wiser, another year stronger. I will be making a post about my eventful BEarth Day activities by the end of the week. Peace 🙂


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Learning To Take Accountability: Sex, Lies, DNA Tests, and Heartbreaks

The other day, a friend and I were watching Maury, a daytime tabloid talk show series hosted by Maury Povich that aires on local TV stations. Much like Jerry Springer and Steve Wilkos, the show addresses many controversial situations including sexual infidelity, “out of control” teens, domestic violence, and odd phobias just to name a few. The show also offers free paternity (DNA) tests and polygraph (lie detector) tests, both of which it is most well-known for. I would say that the bulk of the episodes of Maury nowadays revolve around infidelity and paternity tests.


As my friend and I were tuning into this show, one thing we observed from many of  the show’s guests is a high level of irresponsibility. Your average episode of Maury goes as follows:

Scenario 1:

Sarah: “Maury I am 1,010% sure that John is the father of my child!”

John: “Man that ain’t my baby, I wrapped it up! Sarah is a hoe, she’s slept with every man in town!”

Maury: “In the case of baby Emily, John you are NOT the father!”

Sarah: *runs to the back stage* “Oh Lawd noooo!!!!!”

John: *break dances across stage*

Scenario 2:

Sarah: “Maury John IS the father of my child. We’ve been together for 3 yrs and I haven’t had sex with anyone else but him.”

John: “Sarah is a lying, cheating whore! That baby looks nothing like me! That baby’s head has the slope of y=mx+b, MY head is a quadratic formula!!!”

Maury: “The results are in! Sarah, you were asked if you have ever cheated on John. You said no, the lie detector determined you were telling the truth! Now let’s look at the paternity test. John, in the case of 3 month old Emily, you ARE the father!!!”

John: “Oh baby I’m so sorry!!!!”

We hear about Scenario 2 very often so I won’t get into that one too much, let’s examine Scenario 1. One thing I can’t stand about shows like this, and society in general, is how they always put emphasis on the man not taking accountability but the truth is a lot of these women aren’t taking accountability for their actions either. This of course isn’t the case for Scenario 2 but in Scenario 1 both the man (or men) and the woman are highly irresponsible. In an episode like Scenario 1, the crowd always boos the man for denying being the father of the baby but nobody ever boos the woman for having unprotected sex with multiple different men. In a situation such as this, can we really get angry at the man for being skeptical? I just feel like a lot of the women in these situations are not taking accountability for their actions or being 100% honest with themselves. Instead of just admitting their mistakes, they come across as self-righteous and out of guilt they pin their children on the first man they see fit. If you have to test multiple men to figure which is the father of your child, that says a lot about the type of person you are. I am not in any way making an excuse for these men because they’re in the wrong too. It takes two to tango and it’s not like anyone is holding these men at gunpoint forcing them to sleep with promiscuous women without a condom. I also don’t like how some of the men make the situation worse by being vulgar towards the woman and saying mean, nasty things about the child. These men aren’t being 100% honest with themselves either because an honest, mature man would take accountability for the fact that he did sleep with this woman unprotected and that it is a possibility that he is the father.

The message that I hope to get through to people is to take accountability for their actions and to be honest with themselves. We cannot keep placing the blame on others for our misfortunes. I don’t mean to be condescending, I’m not perfect. I’m sure we’ve all been guilty of playing the blame game. It’s definitely something I’m working on so that I can continue to elevate spiritually. Instead of putting an emphasis on what he, she, they, etc. did, try thinking in terms of “What did I do and what could I have done to make the situation better?” I hope you get something valuable from reading this post. I also really hope I don’t offend anyone, believe me it’s all out of love.


~Peace & Blessings,

Serpentine Diva

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CE Blog- Tues. 7/08/2015

As I have mentioned before I am a fashion & lifestyle blogger for Concrete Empire. Here are my posts that were featured on the website today:

1) D.I.Y.: VHS Cassette Clutch!

Looking for a fun and unique d.i.y. project? Well check out my article on how to create yourself a fabulous clutch made from a VHS cassette!

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 9.42.45 AM

2) Product Review: Insect Repellents That Work!

Tired of insects biting at you? Well I have just the thing for you! Check out my product review for insect repellent products that are true life savers!

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 9.49.17 AM

Remember, my articles are featured on Concrete Empire every Wednesday and Friday. So be on the look out! 🙂

~Peace & Blessings,

Serpentine Diva

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Danielle’s Green Machine Protein Smoothie

Today was a green machine protein smoothie type of day. My mom and I stopped by our local fruit market the other day and picked up some nice, fresh, crisp, organic fruits and veggies. With all these fruits and veggies in the fridge I thought why not create a delicious and nutritious breakfast smoothie?


~About 3/4 Cup of crushed ice
~1 Cup of any dark leafy greens of your choosing (I used spinach and a spring mix).
~1 Half of a banana
~1 Tbsp of any nut butter of your choosing OR you can even use a non-dairy nut milk.
~5-6 strawberries OR a 6 oz strawberry Yoplait yogurt (I had to throw out my strawberries because they went bad, so that yogurt came in handy!)

Toss all of your ingredients into the blender and blend for about 30 seconds or until it reaches your preferred consistency.


Dark leafy greens and nut butters are packed with protein. As I stated before I used spinach and a spring mix but the most nutrient dense leafy greens are kale and water crest, esp water crest because it contains magnesium and is great for cardiovascular health. Dark leafy greens in general are not only great sources of protein but they’re also great sources of iron. The nut butter I used was peanut butter however almond, brazil nut, and sunflower seed butters are even healthier options and of course I recommend buying organic brands or making it yourself as opposed to using Jif like I did Lol Bananas are a great source of potassium and also great for improving your immune system and your eyesight. Strawberries are a great source of vitamin C and great for improving your cardiovascular health. Using strawberries for your smoothie is obviously healthier than using strawberry yogurt haha. Yogurt is dairy and dairy products are full of unhealthy processed fats, hormones and puss, I can’t even lie and say that yogurt is the slightest bit of healthy (Had to throw that in there before these vegan keyboard warriors get on my case Lol). It’s really disgusting but hey my strawberries went bad and I needed something sweet to balance out the flavor of my smoothie. I haven’t been drinking milk but I’m still weaning myself off of yogurt and cheese. It can be difficult when you’re on a ramen noodle college student budget and the only one in your house trying to go vegan Lol.


And there you have it, a nice sweet, delicious and nutritious green smoothie packed full of protein, nutrients, vitamins, and energy 🙂

Nutrition Sources:

1) Vegan Diets: Sorting Through Nutritional Myths

2) 20 Vegan Diet Myths Dispelled

~Peace & Blessings,

Serpentine Diva

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